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  160 Meters is a great band!   Our "Sloper" will greatly enhance your "top-band" performance!   Get yours on the way! Get on 160M without a hassle!  Simple to install and easy to tune!



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Our best selling antenna is our 160 meter, ruggedized  "half-sloper".  We have been building these antennas for over 19 years.  They work well.  Designed for limited spaced applications and ruggedly built for many years of service.  Easy to install and tune. Hassle free!  Wide bandwidth and no tuner needed!!!  You will need a "choke" UNUN (made easily by coiling 10-15 turns of coax just below the antenna) or a commercially built line isolator to use with this antenna.  Most hams coil their own choke & use RG8X cable.

The antenna features heavy, 14 awg insulated wire for both the loading coil and the radiator, an integral SO239 connector and a solid protective cover over the coil.   This antenna solves the problems of working "top-band" and mostly eliminates the need for a tuner. Trimmed to resonance at your favorite spot in the band this antenna offers great performance with minimum effort.  Get yours on the way!


We start with a tightly  wound 14 awg insulated wire coil

This is the finished antenna, ready to be hung on your tower.

The radiator wire will be left several feet long to allow you to "prune" it to tune it to your favorite spot in the band.   


This antenna ships 70' in length and will be trimmed back to 68' or less on installation.  It works best when attached to your tower/pole at about the 45-50' level.  This allows the radiator wire to be angled down toward the ground at a comfortable angle (somewhere near 45 degrees) and to be attached to a suitable support 8 or 10 feet off the ground ( to keep someone from touching it while you are transmitting) 60' or so away from your tower.  We have one of these that has been operating untouched on our tower since 1996 with no problems.  This antenna is durable!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When I tune the antenna must I actually cut wire off the end of the radiator or can I just fold it back & tie it off?
A: Since we use insulated wire you must actually cut the wire off.  

Q: What bandwidth can I expect without using a tuner?
A: This will vary with each installation but most of the time 100-125 khz with an SWR under 2:1

Q: What happens if I mount the antenna horizontally?
A: It will still work fine but will be directional off the sides like a dipole.

Q: Do I need radials along the ground under the antenna?
A: While radials will improve performance of most any antenna they are rarely needed with this one.

Q: How much does it weigh?
A: As shipped 4 lbs 8 oz.



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